Residential Services

You can trust the experts at A Computer Guy to fix your IT issue with our convenient on-site residential service which operates during or after business hours. If you live in the Adelaide metropolitan area, A Computer Guy will come to you!

Residential On Site Support

A Computer Guy’s team of experienced and friendly IT professionals can visit your home to solve a variety of IT headaches with our fast and reliable on-site support service. Check here to see if you live within our service coverage area.

Residential Remote Support Services

With A Computer Guy residential remote support, you can relax and let an expert solve your IT issues, without even having to get decent! A Computer Guy will guide you through installation of a simple app, then you can sit back and trust us to take it from there.

Laptop Screen Replacement

Done the unthinkable and dropped/stepped on your laptop and cracked the screen? Never fear – it’s happened to the best of us! A Computer Guy specialises in laptop screen repairs and replacements at affordable prices.

Other Services you may be interested in

Home Networking

A Computer Guy can help you to construct a new home network or help you troubleshoot issues with your existing network

PC Heath Check

Don’t put up with a slow running computer. A PC health check is the easiest way to get your PC running like new.

Virus And Malware

Have you fallen prey to a malicious computer virus? A Computer Guy are committed to keeping our customers safe and can assist with removing harmful and damaging computer viruses and malware.

Business services

As well as our trustworthy on-site business support service, A Computer Guy can provide remote support, domain registration, website and email hosting, website design and logo design.